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Las Vegas Casino Death Watch

The List

Last updated: January 6, 2018

Game Over:

Lucky Dragon
The Lucky Dragon is closed. The newest resort on (or very near, depending on how pedantic one wants to get) the Las Vegas Strip just didn't bring in enough money to make a run at it. Now it looks like it will face foreclosure, so we'll see what new ownership might bring to the table.

At Death's Door:

With the sale of the Tropicana and Hooters, and the demolotion of the Riviera, the most endagnered casinos in Las Vegas have all gone through some sort of significant event recently, leaving no casinos currently on the immediate chopping block in our opinion.

In the Hospital:

The hotel rooms have been closed "pending renovations" since 2009, and there's no sign of activity on that front. How long can this place keep going without a hotel? We don't know, but we're a little worried.
On May 1, 2015 Hooters was agreed to be sold to Trinity Hotel Investments. While this place has been moribund for, well, since the buiding foundation was poured, we expect that the new owners actually think they can make money here. We can't rule out that they won't close the place and rebuild at some point, we're willing to drop this a notch on our list.

Look Healthy, but Might Have a Hidden Tumor:

Downtown Grand
The newest addition to the downtown scene, the Downtown Grand hasn't seemed to achieve the traction it seems the developers were hoping. After a significant shakeup in the property, things have been quiet regarding this spot, but that sort of cements its current position on the list.
We still think a major redevelopment involving the Flamingo is something Caesars would like to do some day, but the upgrades that are part of "Project Linq" are probably all that we'll see for a while.
The Tropicana is under new ownership. They've even spent some money to fix up the property. It looks nice, combining some of the nice old features with some fresh touches. It certainly upgrades the old gal. However, we don't see a lot of signs that the place is doing a great deal of new business, and there has been some friction between the owners and the folks they've brought in to manage the new attractions, so we want to keep an eye on this place.
Wild Wild West
Station Casinos had planned to replace this property with something bigger and better, but the economic downturn and Station's bankruptcy put the kibosh on that. We expect this will still happen some day, but not for a while.
Max Casino @ Westin
The Max Casino has basically been closed. The table games are gone and all that's left are some machines and the minimal William Hill sportsbook. The building itself seems unlikely to close or be demolished at the present time, but basically this business no longer meets the threshold for falling under the auspices of the Death Watch.
Westgate Las Vegas
The Las Vegas Hilton became the LVH since it lost the Hilton franchise. Now it's the Westgate Las Vegas after its recent acquisition. The new owners seem to think there are good reasons to invest some money in this place, so we upgrade its status for now.

Other Properties:

We don't think these places are going to vanish any time soon, but we've heard others talk about them as if they think they might. These are our thoughts.

Years ago there were rumors that the Bally's site might be a good place to put a Caesars Horseshoe branded casino. Parts of the site have also been bandied about as a place to put a new sports arena. This attracts our attention, but neither seems that likely, we've heard nothing about changes to this place in years, and we doubt there will be a demolition on this plot during the current economic environment.
Circus Circus
MGM Mirage has talked about developments in and around this property. The current party line is that Circus Circus would receive a make-over, but there's always the possibility that they will change their minds and include Circus Circus in "CityCenter II" at the north end of the Strip. However, all plans point to Circus Circus being around well beyond 2015.
Harrah's has always seemed to be an odd man out on the east side of the Strip, and there seem to have been thoughts about replacing Harrah's with something bigger and better. Given the work that has gone into Caesars' Linq and the company's financial situation, it seems highly unlikely that something significant would happen to this site any time soon.
The Linq
The fomer Quad, which was formerly the Imperial Palace, has just undergone a second recent name change along with some upgrades associated with the nearby Project Linq. While Caesars has now sunk some money into the transformed property, The Linq remains the weakest link (*cough*) in the company's block of east Strip resorts. So, while we think it will be replaced some day, we don't think that's any time soon.
For years there have been rumors that the Rio might be up for sale. If it does get sold, we doubt it would close down, even for a remodel. Of course, we think the chance that it will be sold is actually quite low at the moment, but you never know.
Planet Hollywood
Lots of changes have occurred at this place since it was converted from the Aladdin. The question is, has the remodel fixed all the problems that plagued this place when it first opened? We'll see. Things look "better" now, but it's way too early to call them "fixed". Now that it's a Caesars, that probably puts it in roughly the same boat as Bally's, the Flamingo, and Harrah's.
Tamares sank a lot of money into this place for an upgrade, and the improvements are noticeable. We expect they'll stand pat on this place for a while.
Sure, it's been through some seriously troubled times, but we don't think anyone will be demolishing the tower any time soon. New ownership seems stable, and it's the crown jewel in the group of properties that was purchased, so we don't expect the deal would have been transacted if the new ownership didn't think the Stupak Needle was viable.

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