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Westin Casuarina

Westin Casuarina

Last updated: September 1


In 1997 the Maxim Hotel and Casino opened on this spot. It was a smaller than average Las Vegas resort in an awkward location just off the Strip on Flamingo Avenue. In 1999 the casino closed for two years until Columbia Sussex bought it and named it the Westin Casuarina. If anyone is curious, a casuarina is the name of an evergreen tree native to the south Pacific.

Even through Columbia Sussex owns the property, it's operated by lodging giant Starwood Hotels who owns the Westin brand. It's the first Westin to feature a casino, albeit a small one, and one that doesn't seem to be a core function of the property.


Blackjack 6 decks, double after split
Craps 3,4,5x odds
Other Table Games Roulette, 3-Card Poker
Video Poker Nothing but crap.
Poker N
Sports Book Y, a Leroy's outlet.
Bingo N
Keno N


The Westin Casuarina has a pool, a spa, a fitness center, and 20,000 square feet of event space.



While Suede functions as the Las Vegas casino coffee shop, especially since it's open 24 hours, it's really more of a typical hotel restaurant serving American cuisine than a coffee shop. You get the cloth napkins and upscale menu we associate with your generic Marriott-esque eatery more so than the American comfort food common in this town. Entrees run in the $15 to $25 range, and are exactly what you'd expect from a hotel restaurant. It's entirely edible and very forgettable, while not being embarrassing to put on your expense account.

Casino Lounge

The aptly, if unimaginatively, named Casino Lounge is a bar that serves some light food, including burgers pizzas, and appetizers. It's what you'd expect.

There's a Starbucks here.


The Westin Casuarina has a showroom that holds 175 people. Currently it hosts a tribute to Red Skelton and a show titled, "Barbara and Frank: The Concert That Never Was." Obviously, these shows are a throwback to the old Las Vegas, and skew, uh, to a more mature demographic.

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